What is the difference between Face Wash and Cleanser?

difference between Face Wash and Cleanser

Do you use a face wash or a cleanser? Wait! Do you even know facewash and cleanser are not the same things? So, what’s exactly different and special about them? What is recommended for your skin? Can you use both? These questions are for sure boggling your mind. Well, you are not alone!

Let’s start with the basics. If you think facewash and cleanser clean your skin, you are right about that. They both help in cleansing your skin. They both have surfactants. But how they function helps in explaining the difference between these two products.

Face Wash:

A facewash cleanses your face from deep within. It cleans your pores, removes oil, and washes away the dirt. They have no or low hydrating properties. There are different facewashes for different skin types. The most common formulations in face washes are gel, foaming, and crème based. Mostly facewashes have no added benefits for skin except cleansing. But they do intensive cleansing due to surfactants or SLS.


A cleanser, on the other hand, is gentler in the formulation as they have mild cleansing agents. It is non-foaming in nature. Cleansers come in thick lotion or crème formulations. Some cleansers can be wiped off and some can be washed as well.

So with that thought here are the best cleansers from FCL that you should consider immediately 😊

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