FCL has Sunscreens for Every Occasion this Summer


How many of us are tired of hearing our favorite celebs always giving credit to their sunscreens for their glowing skin? We all have tried following them yet most of us fail in falling in love with our sunscreens. Goopy, white cast, oily, and heavy are some words that come to our minds when we say sunscreen. Still, we keep dreaming of having perfect, problem-free skin. So where does this all end? Will we ever find the perfect sunscreen which actually does what it claims?

Discover your best SPF with FCL this summer

Well, yes, we will! The sunscreen range from Fixderma Cosmetic Laboratories drops sunscreens for every skin and every occasion. They achieve the SPF that they claim. This means if your FCL Sunscreen says SPF 80, then it is delivering an SPF 80 protection on point. Did we just catch you off guard? You have never even verified this about your sunscreen right?

Worry not. FCL Sunscreens not only deliver the promised sun protection but also offer effective anti-pollution against PM 2.5, no white cast, and are 100% non-comedogenic.

The SPF range brings to you three uniquely formulated sunscreens.

Chemfree SPF 30

A lightweight physical sunscreen that offers effective SPF 30 broad-spectrum protection perfect for your everyday work from home skincare routine.

Ultra-Light Gold Silicone Translucent Gel SPF 40

You won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with this elegant gorgeous translucent sunscreen. Enriched with gold clay, this gel-based sunscreen is ideal for all skin types. This water-resistant formulation gives you SPF 40 and PA +++ protection and hence makes it ideal for you every day before you step out.

Broad Spectrum SPF 80 Lotion

Excited about reading SPF 80? Well, you are not the first one to. This lightweight, non-greasy broad-spectrum sunscreen is sheer, mattifying, and water-resistant. The high protection of SPF 80 and PA ++++ makes it your perfect every day and go on vacation sunscreen.

So, now that we have given you every reason and option to take your pick, what are you waiting for? Grab your sunscreen and glow this summer!

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