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Face Serum

Growing up improves many things in our life, but the skin is not one of them. With age, we come across skin concerns like dark circles, wrinkles, puffy eyes, crow’s feet, brown spots, and dullness that start to creep in as we grow older. To reverse these skincare concerns, there is one skincare product that can help all skincare enthusiasts a lot- Face Serums Face serum is the magic potion to add to your skincare routine for the best nourishment of your skin. Serums are not a moisturizer or creams.

 Face serums are light, easily absorbed oil or water-based, high-concentration formulations that spread and sink quickly into the skin. Serums come in a small bottle with an intensive dose of ingredients that can address skin complaints of the whole face. Face serums for women and men are not loaded with as many ingredients as a moisturizer or a lotion, but it has more potent actives that work efficiently and penetrates deeper into the skin. Serums can be added to your skincare routine in your late 20s.

Face Serums Online

Whether you have dark spots or wrinkles, FCL Skincare face serums address all your skincare concerns. Whether dark spots are your grave concern or premature ageing, here at FCL Skincare, you will get multiple options. Available online, FCL Face serums answer all your concerns and provide heaps of skincare benefits. At FCL Skincare, we have a wide range of face serums to address concerns like pigmentation, dehydrated skin, acne solution and many more. Some of the bestselling face serums from FCL are ‘C’ Scape 25 SerumHA4 Plus serumAHA Lightening Gel, AHA Lightening Gel HQ, Active Radiance for men, and Intensive Serum for men.

If you are looking for the best vitamin C serum available in the skincare market, you can check out ‘C’ Scape 25 serum. This vitamin C serum for the face provides an antioxidant treatment to the skin, boosts collagen production and corrects imperfections like wrinkles, dark spots, and fine lines. It also helps in treating signs of ageing and improves skin firmness.

AHA Lightening Gel is a skin lightening treatment which gently removes dead, darkened cells and promotes a lighter skin tone. It is a face serum for melasma, hyperpigmentation, and dull and tanned skin.

AHA Lightening gel HQ is the best serum for acne scars. Having Hydroquinone as its key ingredient, this is one of the best dark spot serums. This serum for acne-prone skin is a fast-acting formulation that stimulates collagen production and enhances even skin tone. 

HA4 Plus is a face serum for dry skin. Enriched with four different forms of Hyaluronic Acid, this serum amplifies the skin’s hyaluronic acid levels making the skin more hydrated and plumper.

Alpha Beta Acne Gel is a chemical exfoliator that can also be used as a serum for oily skin. As oily skin is prone to breakouts, this gel penetrates deep into the skin to unclog pores and prevent acne breakout. It also has Retistar, a next-generation retinol that rescues skin from ageing effects.

Glowing skin is not gender specific. Men also crave glowing, radiant, even skin tone. Active Radiance Complex Skincare for Men is a face serum for glowing skin. It soothes male skin and prevents their skin from environmental damaged skin, uneven skin tone and dull & tired-looking skin.

The best face serum for men is Intensive Face Serum for Men. It treats hyperpigmentation, tanned skin, sallow, and uneven skin tone.

Benefits of using face serums

Absorbs quickly into the skin Face serums are lighter than moisturizers. Therefore, they get absorbed into the skin easily.

Soothes sensitive skin As face serums are lighter, they work the best for acne-prone and oily skin types.

Improves the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines Retinol-based serums reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Protect the skin from future damage Vitamin C serums, Ferulic acid and a few other ingredients prevent the skin from pollution and ultraviolet rays.

Visible result in less time A higher concentration of actives provides visible results quickly.

Feels light on the skin A face serum doesn’t feel heavy or greasy as they absorb quickly into the skin,

One thing that every person using face serums should keep in mind is that face serums have potent ingredients that can irritate your skin. Therefore, it is essential to patch test the product before applying it to the entire face. Remember, combining acid-containing serums with other products that have acids is not always a good idea. Using Vitamin C serum with retinol-containing cream or serum may cause irritation.


When should I apply face serum?

The right time to use the serum depends on your serum. Some serums are used in the A.M routine, while others are used in the P.M routine. Like, Vitamin C serum is great to be used in the morning routine, while glycolic acid is better to be used in the night routine. Reading the product label carefully for the usage directions is always recommended.

Is it okay to use face serum every day?

Yes, using a face serum every day is safe. If you are a beginner, slowly incorporate the face serum into your routine and once the skin starts adapting to the acid, start using it daily.

Can I use a face serum along with a moisturizer?

Absolutely. Serums offer hydration, but they cannot replace a moisturizer. The majority of face serums are water-based and work best with a moisturizer. A face oil may replace a moisturizer if you have oily skin. Different actives in serums have different roles. It helps prevent and correct skin concerns, and using a moisturizer after serum helps seal the active to get the best effect.

How do I apply face serum correctly?

Many face serums are water-based; therefore, they should be applied after cleansing and toning and before oil-based lotion. Apply just a pea size amount (2-3 drops) into clean hands and tap it on your skin or massage it gently in a circular motion.