Bless your skin with the goodness of Vitamin C

Bless your skin with the goodness of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is undoubtedly a buzz-worthy ingredient when it comes to skincare and for all the right reasons. It protects the skin against anti-ageing and sun damage and boosts collagen production. However, there still exists a lot of confusion on how to use it correctly to reap maximum benefits from this magical ingredient. Do not worry! We are here to help you with some quick facts.

  1. Topical v/s Oral Vitamin C - Studies show that applying Vitamin C on the skin is actually 20 times more effective for your skin than consuming it orally as it directly gets absorbed into the skin imparting a youthful glow. 
  2. Vitamin C doesn’t discolor the skin - Vitamin C inhibits tyrosinase, an enzyme that aids in melanin (skin pigment) production. So Vitamin C does not darken your skin but evens it out and brightens it when used over time.
  3. Vitamin C should be used in the morning - No law says Vitamin C cannot be used at night. However, Vitamin C protects the skin from sun damage and free radicals that attack the skin. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply it in the morning to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Don’t forget to top off your Vitamin C with SPF!
  4. Serums are the best way to use Vitamin C - Using a Vitamin C serum is the best way to ensure that Vitamin C goes to your skin, thereby reaping the benefits in the most direct way.
  5. You should not just pick any Vitamin C - All Vitamin C do not work the same. One needs to check the concentration of the product to ensure its efficiency in treating skin issues.

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