5 reasons why men should invest in skincare

5 reasons why men should invest in skincare

Women always envy men for how they can wash their face with shampoo, use the same lotion for body and face, skip sunscreen yet have glowing skin without any issues. Or do they have issues that they are too busy or lazy to notice? Or should we blame it on bad marketing, that skincare is considered a ‘feminine’ concept?

The idea that only women should indulge in skincare has no logic, it is grounded on sheer stereotypes. If you’re a man reading this who thinks it’s not macho enough to indulge in skincare, we promise to change your perception. Here are 5 reasons why you need skincare too!

Shaving can cause irritation and bumps:

Shaving involves exfoliation and removal of the top layer of the skin exposing it to dirt and pollution, causing irritation and sometimes even small bumps. However, you can avoid this just by doing the right skincare pre and post shaving.

Pollution can lead to cell damage:

Exposure to the pollution particles in the environment can really harm your skin, especially if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin. The dirt and pollution can fill your pores up with sebum that can cause the skin to break out.

Disruption of the skin barrier:

Men sometimes associate skincare with hygiene and end up over-cleansing or cleansing with soap bars that have a higher PH value that disrupts the skin barrier, leading to faster ageing.

Sunburns can damage the skin:

Not using an SPF can not only lead to sunburns but also accelerate the ageing process. It is extremely important to wear sunscreen all year round, for both men and women.

Acne & blemishes:

Although, touching the face is not an acne-causing trigger in itself but it can definitely make acne worse if you already have it. Friction with caps, helmets etc. can also add to the issue.

Now that you are convinced that you DO NEED to take good care of your skin, the question is how do you up your skincare game? Well, we will help you with that too!

Before you slather your face with products one after the other, it is vital to understand that there is no universal skincare routine. Every skin type needs a different type of care, so it is important to start with identifying your skin type and skin concern and picking out the products accordingly.

Now before you start sulking thinking it will be a long and tedious road for you, let us tell you it will just take 5 minutes of your time everyday! Of Course you can definitely get fancier with your routine but a basic skincare routine needs just 4 steps:

Wash away those impurities:

The first step and the most crucial step in skincare is to cleanse the face. Make sure you pick the right cleanser according to your skin type (which by now you must have already identified!). A cleanser will gently emulsify the dirt and oil and get it off your face without making the face dry or stretchy. 

Scrub it off:

It is essential to exfoliate the skin minimum twice every week especially for men as they have a thicker skin barrier which means more dead skin. Exfoliation will remove the dead skin, clean the pores and prevent acne and breakouts. 

You need that moisture:

The root of all skincare routines is hydration and protecting your skin barrier, even men’s skincare. An ideal moisturizer will hydrate and nourish the skin from within without making it greasy or shiny. 

SPF is your new BFF:

Although men don’t age as quickly as women, it is important to wear an SPF to protect the skin from harmful sun rays and slow down the process of ageing. SPF 30 is enough if you’re staying indoors, whereas while heading outdoors, it is ideal to wear SPF 50.

So the bottom line is men do need skincare as much as women do. If you’re a man and skincare is an alien concept to you, visit www.fclskincare.com and get started on your skincare journey with the right products for your skin type and condition.

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