Amp up your skincare routine to keep it summer-ready

Amp up your skincare routine to keep it summer-ready

Indian heat can be harsh for your skin, but our summer skincare products guide is all you will need to tackle the heat and combat your skincare concerns like greasiness, dullness, and acne, to name a few.



We all have been using a cleanser morning and night to keep our skin at its healthiest. Still, it becomes arguably more important during the summer months to ensure that the facewash we use removes all that gunk, oil, dirt, product, sunscreen and even the last trace of makeup that we applied throughout the day.


Whilst it is vital to use a moisturizer every day, every season, opting for a lighter texture might help to keep our complexions happier and skin more breathable during the summer.


Your beauty regime is incomplete without applying a good face toner. Toners just look like water, and needs to be applied before your serum and after cleansing your face. They help your skin stay refreshed, tightened and minimize your pores after cleansing.


Summers and tanning go hand in hand! We can't do much about the summer sun, but we definitely can look after the tanning part simply by using a good De-Tan Mask to remove that stubborn sun-tan.


Keeping skin soft, protected, and glowing during the hotter months is difficult because of the sun's harsh rays. Pollution and dirt add to the trouble. An essential skincare regime to follow is to use a hydrating mask to keep your skin hydrated.


It will be no surprise that the experts were unanimous on the one product that we should all be using in the summer and all year round: SPF. Wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen reduces your risk of skin cancer and protects your skin against fine lines and wrinkles caused by UV rays.

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