Winter Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin

As the wedding season gets closer, we all want to look and feel our best. But, sometimes, managing our hair and skin can be troublesome. Though it is assumed that managing oily skin is better in winter than in summer, the changing temperature can often lead to breakout that spoils our look and mood too.

Oily skin is the result of overactive sebaceous glands that overproduce sebum, thus leading to clogged pores. Heredity, poor diet, or hormonal changes in the body can cause you to have oily skin. As a dermatologist-recommended skincare brand, we have curated a list of winter skincare tips for oily skin that is easy to follow.

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1- Do not take Hot water bath

Bathing with hot water feels super comfortable in winter, but it also dries out the skin making it look dull. Use lukewarm water to wash off the grime.

2- Use mild face cleansers

Use a cleanser that does not strip off the natural moisture from the skin. Invest in a cleanser that removes the dirt but is also infused with ingredients that leave a fresh and soft feel. FCL C Scape Cleanser is a brightening face cleanser that gently exfoliates the skin without stripping off its moisture.

3- Tone your skin

After cleaning, use a gentle toner enriched with Witch Hazel Extract. It is an effective ingredient with anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that help minimize acne breakouts. FCL Face Toner has Multifruit AHA, Witch Hazel Extract and Rose Flower Extract that refreshes the skin by gently sweeping away excess oil and impurities.

4- Pat, don’t rub your serum

Never skip using a serum for healthy, glowing skin. Serums penetrate quickly into the skin; therefore, we get quick results. But remember, when applying your favourite serum, do not rub it. Always pat it on your skin. FCL Skin Brightening Serum works well in winter as it nourishes the skin while providing a clear, radiant complexion. This serum suits all skin types.

5- Never skip a sunscreen

Sunscreen is important all year round. For oily skin, using a gel-based sunscreen is ideal. FCL Silicone SPF 40 Sunscreen Gel protects your skin from the two biggest enemies of our skin- pollution ad harmful UV rays. This sunscreen restores your skin’s elasticity without making it appear too greasy or flaky or leaving a white cast behind. Put your best foot forward and choose Dermatologist-recommended skincare products for healthy, glowing skin.

6- Eat healthy

You are what you eat. The food you eat significantly impacts your skin condition, especially for people with oily skin type. Follow a healthy, clean diet to resolve skin issues like excess oil production, greasiness, enlarged pores, acne, blackheads, and whiteheads. Eat more water-based fruits and vegetables like watermelon, orange, and cucumber, and avoid oily, fried food.


    "C" Scape Cleanser
    FCL Face Toner
    FCL Silicone SPF 40 Gel
    Skin Brightening Complex


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