The Correct way to Layer your Skincare Products- AM & PM Routine


Layering is a trend we all have been hearing about, but not many of us do it right. And no, it doesn't mean slapping many layers or multiple products one after the other. No matter whether you have a simple 3-step morning routine or 10-step skincare routine to follow at night, the right order of application is what all matters. It means following the order of application of products and keeping in mind the best way they work. This technique not only targets your skin concerns but also helps you achieve the best skin you have ever been in. So here is the basic thumb rule of layering: go consistently and utility-wise. And these go hand in hand. So, here is the proper roadmap of layering for you:

Step-1: Makeup Remover- If you wear makeup, start wiht makeup remover. It removes makeup, impurities and dirt from the skin's surface.

Step-2: Cleanser: Always start with a clean base. Start with a cleanser if you don't wear makeup.

Step-3: Exfoliator: Once cleaned, go ahead and get rid of those dead cells with either your chemical exfoliator or exfoliating toner. These include your AHAs and enzyme formulations.

Step-4: Toner: Toning right is the key to moderate the behaviour of your pores.

Step-5: Serum: Go with treatment first and then your enhancing serum. For instance, in the case of acne-prone skin, you need to apply the Salicylic acid serum first and then you can follow up with your niacinamide or hyaluronic acid serum. Remember-Never mix AHA and BHAs

Step-6: Moisturiser: Post-treatment and targeting your skin concern with serums, time to repair and nourishing your skin barrier with your go-to moisturizer

Step-7: Protect your skin from sun damage in your morning routine by wearing sunscreen. In your night routine, rejuvenate your skin by using Face oil.

Don't feel pressurized to include every above-listed step in your skincare routine. All you need to do is find a skincare routine that works the best for you and apply the products correctly, even if you just use 3 to 4 products in your skincare regimen. For most people, applying products from thinnest to thickest works the best. And this is how layering should be done.

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