Get a Clean and Healthy Skin

Clean and Healthy Skin

We are living in an era where everyone is fond of makeup. And anyone who wears makeup knows that removing it can be a tedious task. However, keeping the makeup on one’s face for a long time can damage the skin, make it look dull, clog the pores, speed up ageing, dries out the skin, irritate the eyes, and cause infection or rashes on face. Hence, it is necessary to remove it in time. And to do that, you might need something that’s more than regular soap and shower gel.

When to do it?

You should remove your makeup before going to bed. And clean your face again in the morning to get your skin rid of sebum accumulated overnight. It helps get rid of cosmetics, pollution, and other impurities accumulated on the face during the day in the evening.

How to do it?

You should never use soap & shower gel to remove makeup as these products are too strong for the skin. These products will destroy the hydrolipidic protective barrier- the skin’s security guard and cause excessive dryness.

What should you use?

FCL Instant Makeup Remover is one great solution to wipe off your makeup and its residue. This makeup remover is designed to wipe away your everyday struggles to remove all traces of waterproof makeup and give you clear skin in a jiffy. It pulls out cosmetic products, impurities, dirt, and oil, leaving your skin feeling fresh. You don’t have to spend hours cleaning up after a late-night party session if you have FCL Instant Makeup Remover!

Waterproof Makeup Remover
Instant Makeup Remover

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