Best Pre-Holi Skin Care and Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

Best Pre-Holi Skin Care and Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

Holi is one of India's most famous festivals, which Hindus celebrate with utmost joy and enthusiasm. People celebrate this festival with dyed powdered colors and water but applying these colors on the face is never good. These colors can cause discomfort to skin, hair and eyes. That is why a little care goes a long way.

Here, in this blog, we will provide some easy skin care tips to follow before and after Holi so you do not miss out on celebrating the festival and do not damage your skin.

Pre-Holi Skin Care Tips

  1. Keep your skin hydrated: One day before holi, massage your body with good body oil. This will moisturize your skin ad create a barrier between your skin and harmful colors. If you do not want to use oil, use a good moisturizer. 
  2. Do not exfoliate: Never exfoliate your skin at least a week before Holi because it opens up your pores which can lead to Holi colors penetrating deep into your skin. 
  3. Protect your hair: Oil your hair and don't let your strand let open. Tie them into a ponytail, so your hair does not get tangled.
  4. Protect your nails: Apply a transparent nail varnish on your nails before going out to play Holi. 
  5. Do not miss out on sunscreen: The most important thing when going out in the sun is wearing sunscreen. Take a considerable amount of SPF 50 or more and apply it on your face and all over the body. Prefer going for a water-resistant sunscreen.
  6. Cover yourself properly: Wear clothes that cover your entire body because a physical barrier provides the best protection from UV rays.

Post-Holi Skin Care Tips

  1. Remove Holi colors gently: Use a gentle makeup remover that removes stubborn colors without irritating your skin. 
  2. Wash your face: A gentle and exfoliating cleanser is always recommended because it will remove colors, debris, and excess oil from your skin while retaining your skin's moisture. 
  3. Use lukewarm water: To clear bacteria, debris and your pores use lukewarm water.
  4. Hydrate your skin: Apply moisturizer and face serum on your face to hydrate and nourish your skin.
  5. Use a face oil: If your skin feels very dry or inflamed, use a face oil. It will also fade colors.

Holi Color Removal Skin Care Tips

  1. To remove Holi colors, use warm water to lighten the colors and remove the debris from the face.
  2. Avoid the urge to immediately remove the color by washing it repeatedly.
  3. Use face oil and makeup remover to remove the color.
  4. Don't forget to remove color from the scalp. Wash hair and clean scalp with a mild shampoo.

FCL Skincare products for Holi Skin Care

  1. Instant Makeup Remover - It is a bi-phasic formulation that gently removes stubborn Holi colors and waterproof makeup quickly and efficiently without irritating your skin.
  2. "C" Scape Cleanser - Vitamin C enriched gentle exfoliating cleanser that removes all dirt and impurities and reveals radiant skin.
  3. Transformation Oil - A premium face oil for dry and dull skin. This oil can also be used around the eye area.
  4. Skin Brightening Complex - A moisturizing face serum that improves skin color and texture. It promotes a clear, radiant complexion.
  5. Ultra-light Gold Silicone SPF 40 - Water-resistant, anti-pollution PM 2.5 sunscreen that provides superior sun protection against various harmful lights, including UVA, UVB, Blue light, Infra-Red, and High Energy Visible Light. It also protects the skin from the onslaught of environmental pollutants. 
  6. Strengthening Shampoo & conditioner - A preventive kit to hair concerns like hair loss and thinning. The conditioner provides hydration and lustre to dehydrated hair and nourishes them with proteins and vitamins.
Instant Makeup Remover
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