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FCL Loyalty Points

FCL Loyalty Points

To encourage our loyal customers, we offer loyalty points them on their purchase, and more. These points can be redeemed for cash discounts on next order.

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On signing up

referring to a friend


On referring to a friend

birthday rewards


On your birthday!

on order

1 point on every Re.1 spent

Get points equal to your cart value


A. Loyalty points can be earned on:

  1. FCL Prepaid orders (more your cart value is, more points you earn)
  2. Signing up for FCL Skincare Club
  3. Referring to a friend
  4. On your birthday
  1. Log in to your FCL Skincare account

  2. Go to the “Rewards” section

  3. Click on ways to redeem

  4. Click on “View” to get the coupon code

  5. You will get a coupon code. Copy the code and use it at checkout


A. FCL loyalty points do not have any expiry date. You can accumulate your points and use it whenever you wish to.

A. No, loyalty points are not-refundable once redeemed. Loyalty points are intended for one-time use only and shall be treated as used even if you cancel or return the order.